Recorded Webinar, Originally Held 3PM BST, 29 July 2020

Lockdown is bringing challenges for businesses with criminals taking advantage of the current situation and organisations are having to rapidly adapt to new ways of working. Attend this webinar on demand for free advice!

In this webinar we will be learning about the latest developments for digital identities and biometrics.

The aim of this series of Webinars is to inform and educate organisations not only during the current lockdown but also looking ahead to “the new normal”.

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  • 15.00. Welcome & News Roundup – Darren Hodder, Consultant covering financial crime, AML compliance, IT & cybersecurity, LittleGratti

  • 15:15 Rethinking Crappy Legal Identities to Reduce Fraud – Guy Huntington, Huntington Ventures

  • 15:45 Digital Identities – Dr. Ekaterina Safonova, Founder & Managing Director at CS Consulting & Advisory, EWPN Ambassador for Russia

  • 16:15 Biometrics – Nicolas Ashton, Executive Vice President
    Strategic Development
    Entrical, LLC

  • 16:45 Open Discussion, Q&A

  • 17.00 Wrap up & Close

Headline Sponsor: Entrical, LLC

Entrical, LLC

Entrical are visionaries, entrepreneurs, security experts, and concerned citizens who have decided to take action. We believe that one’s sense of security should never be something that’s taken lightly.  Our team of experts have joined together to create a revolutionary solution that changes how professionals look at security.

We understand that our world can be a very dangerous place and that dangerous people live amongst us but we also believe that it is all of our duties to protect our way of life, our sense of security.  It is in this duty that Entrical was born.  Entrical is the world first platform that bridges the commercial and public safety sectors which allows for collection, access, and distribution of critical data like never before.

Here at Entrical, we believe that the speed at which relevant and precise information is shared will be the key to keeping us secure in this new age.


Nicholas Ashton

Executive Vice President Strategic Development Entrical, LLC

Nicholas Ashton, Entrical, LLC

Ashton started in the Metropolitan Police, London.

Moved into ‘Counter-Terrorism’ and formed a specialist external consulting company for government and corporate security.

Resided in the Middle East and moved to the USA in the early 1980s.

Continued in the ‘high tech security field with computers, surveillance, and law enforcement.

As strategic development, EVP for Entrical has opened the doors over the decades in Facial Recognition, data repositories, and Temperature Scanning with the use of cameras.

Entrical has expanded its portfolio as the leader in Facial Recognition and Elevated Body Temperature scanning, not just for illness detection, but the anxiety factor for those entering facilities such as airports, casinos, restaurants, education facilities, and any ‘people gathering’ venues.

It is the inside capabilities, with our sizable software and engineering team, that our success has been born and continues.

Guy Huntingdon

Legal Self-Sovereign Identity (LSSI) Specialist

Guy Huntingdon, Huntingdon Ventures

Guy Huntington is a veteran identity architect, program and project manager who’s lead as well as rescued many large identity projects with many of them involving identity federation. His past clients include Boeing, Capital One, Kaiser Permanente, WestJet, Government of Alberta’s Digital Citizen Identity and Authentication Program and Alberta Blue Cross. As one of his past clients said “He is a great find, because he is able to do high quality strategic work, but is also well-versed in project management and technical details, so he can traverse easily from wide to deep. With Guy, you get skills that would typically be encompassed in a small team of people.”

Guy’s written more than 30 papers on rethinking the identity paradigm due to the incoming technological tsunami composed of AI, AR, VR, robotics (both virtual and physical), genetic engineering, nanotechnology and wireless.  His premise is it requires a complete rethink of legal physical and digital identities for both humans and bots, globally.

Thus, he’s co-written two proposals with Michael Kleeman (cofounder of many different telcos around the planet) for:

Guy’s also written numerous LinkedIn posts about how the LSSI applies to marketing, schools, kids, death, fraud, voting, etc. 

He lives in West Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Dr. Ekaterina Safonova

Founder & Managing Director at CS Consulting & Advisory, EWPN Ambassador for Russia

Dr. Ekaterina Safonova, CS Consulting & Advisory

Ekaterina Safonova is an Associate Professor with 20 years of experience in technical sciences, research and lecturing, 10+ years of experience in cyber security, combining deep technical expertise with vital business and leadership skills.

Her company CS Consulting and Advisory supports businesses on questions of cybersecurity and payment fraud prevention. 

She is a Board Technical Advisor and investor at Cybertonica and Moteefe, invited professor at EPA, GUS and EWPN Ambassador. She is a co-author of The PAYTECH Book – “The financial arms race – the “game” with no rules” and The LegalTech Book – “Smart home or spy home: cyber threats and security solutions” published by Wiley this year.

Ekaterina has developed and launched a specialized Cybersecurity course for the payments industry – Fraud and Fraud Prevention that was certified by the CPD Certification Service at EPA.

Ekaterina has successfully finished the course on “Business strategy and Fintech” at Said Business School Oxford University and won a prestigious award – Fintech/Payments leader of the year at EWPN in Amsterdam at Money 20/20.

Her strong technical background includes a PhD and 37 Scopus-approved publications, including 7 books.

Darren Hodder

Consultant covering financial crime, AML compliance, IT & cybersecurity, LittleGratti

Darren Hodder, LittleGratti

A solid technical background has enabled Darren to work with a wide range of institutions to deliver fully integrated anti-fraud and risk management solutions to customers internationally.

He has been involved with projects from pre-sales and proof of concept through to final delivery and support, interfacing with senior management, business, and technical teams. Darren has provided consultancy and support for projects with a contract value in the excess of £5m.

His experience ranges from standalone, single portfolio in-house projects through to multi-client managed services, national fraud bureaux and data sharing initiatives. Particular areas of expertise are within mortgage originations, and online / internet solutions.

Specialities: Consultancy with expertise in financial crime risk management and compliance covering application, subscription and transactional fraud developed, AML compliance, GDPR compliance, working worldwide within financial services, telecommunications, insurance sectors. FCA approved for control function CF11 (Money Laundering Reporting).

Darren’s side gigs include live music photography and supporting musicians in the organisation and running of intimate gigs in London “Acoustic Sanctuary”.

Recorded Webinar, Originally Held 3PM BST, 29 July 2020

Lockdown is bringing challenges for businesses with criminals taking advantage of the current situation and organisations are having to rapidly adapt to new ways of working. Attend for free advice!

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