Fear, change and uncertainty are leaving both businesses and individuals open to scams, misinformation and fraud.

It is an unfortunate reality that criminals are taking advantage of the current covid-19 situation and in recent weeks there has been a surge in activity from con-artists, fraudsters, and cybercriminals who seek to take advantage of the situation by targeting us all while we are distracted, distressed, and adjusting to new routines.

Many businesses have made a sudden shift to remote working and working from home but they may not have though through the full range of risks and issues that can arise. 

Webinars On Demand


The Cyber Elephant in the Boardroom

Mathieu Gorge joins Kevin Smith and Darren Hodder for a fireside chat and open discussion on Gorge’s 5 Pillars of Security Framework™

Identity & Biometrics

Rethinking crappy legal identities to reduce fraud, developments in biometrics and digital identities

GDPR Compliance & Credit Risk Management

Managing GDPR under lockdown, assessing business credit risk

Financial Crime & Covid-19

Scams & risks for remote working, developments in payments

Our Aims

This project seeks to address these issues by making employers and employees aware of fraud and cybercrime and other risks during this critical time. It will also have a long term impact as many organisations prepare for the “new normal” post pandemic.

The project will examine how can employers ensure they manage risk with rapid changes to working processes and practises resulting from the covid-19 pandemic. Educational resources will be provided to help ensure businesses can meet regulatory compliance needs with respect to data protection, payments, bribery & corruption and other areas of compliance.

This project will seek to do the following:

The goals will be achieved via the creation and dissemination of awareness materials which will be delivered via multiple platforms including:

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We are looking to set up an advisory board to help shape and push this project forwards.

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